Erectile Dysfunction Treatments 

Erectile Dysfunction

Disclaimer: While having difficulties with achieving an erection from time to time is not necessarily a cause for concern, continuous problems may indicate that there is an underlying health issue that is to blame. In some cases, a continuous and unexplainable difficulty to achieve or maintain an erection could indicate a risk factor for heart disease. If you feel as though this resonates with your own condition, it is important to consult with your doctor immediately.

Here is a ‘Rule of Thumb’ to remember (via the healthier you are, the better your sexual function.

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction(ED)? If so, don’t be alarmed or feel ashamed. Erectile dysfunction is more common than most people realize and it may comfort you to know that as many as 30 million men suffer from ED each year in the United States, alone – and that’s just counting the ones who admit to having it.

Unfair Stigmatization Associated With Having ED

Unfortunately, having difficulties in the bedroom is greatly and unfairly stigmatized in our society. All too often, men base the measurement of their masculinity on whether or not they are able to ‘get it up’ when ‘duty calls.’ However, what men who subscribe to such a faulty notion fail to realize is that, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is a natural, albeit unfortunate part of life; one that can strike at any moment, afflicting not only the aging but young men as well.

It’s important for those suffering from ED to understand that their particular situation is one that should not be met with concern. The only concern a man suffering from ED should have is: How to avoid the inherent stresses that are inherent to their specific and very personal, issue.

Rather than succumb to the unavoidable feelings of disappointment and unwarranted shame of being impotent, however, a man who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction should be motivated and encouraged to find a solution for their perfectly natural issue of impotency.

Most importantly though, men who suffer from this very common disorder should fight their feelings of shame, inadequacy, and fears, with cold hard facts. Moreover, in the following article, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatments and even the different varieties (yes, there is more than one type) of ED.