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Viagra: The Accidental Discovery

Once upon a time, there was a clinical trial for Pfizer’s new blood pressure medication, sildenafil. When the trial participants took it, it dilated their blood vessels, which in turn lowered their blood pressure. It was a clinical success. However, these men also noticed an interesting side effect below the belt. All this extra blood flow was giving them erections just like the good ol' days.

So in 1994, Pfizer capitalized on the success of this clinical trial and patented sildenafil to treat blood pressure. Pfizer named it Revatio. In 2012, its patent expired. Thus today, many manufacturers make generic Revatio (sildenafil).

However, Pfizer didn’t publish the patent for sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction until 2002. As you know, Pfizer named it Viagra. Unfortunately, Viagra's patent doesn't fully expire until 2020. This means the little blue pill will still be very expensive for a few more years.

viagra: the accidental discovery

Viagra Is a Ripoff

Because several pharmaceutical companies manufacture generic Revatio, "to treat blood pressure", it's only 30 cents per mg of sildenafil.

Meanwhile, because only one pharmaceutical company can manufacture name-brand Viagra, "to treat erectile dysfunction", it's $1.56 per mg of sildenafil.

Yes, that’s 5X more for the exact same drug because of a patent. And when you consider that the most common dose to treat ED is 50mg, then you get this lovely math:

$1.56 per MG X 50 MG = $78 per dose! $78..??

Viagra is a ripoff.

viagra is a ripoff

The Generic Viagra Patent Loophole

We just had to solve this BS! Unfortunately, many doctors, despite all these facts, will still not write a prescription for generic Revatio to treat ED. Makes you wonder who they really work for..?? You, or the big pharmaceutical companies?

Thankfully, we found patient-focused doctors who will prescribe cheap, generic Revatio (100% sildenafil) to treat ED instead of prescribing expensive, name-brand Viagra (100% sildenafil) to treat ED. Our doctors will include up to 5 refills for you.

Then, we found patient-focused pharmacies willing to fulfill these prescriptions.

Essentially, we discovered "The Generic Viagra Patent Loophole.” In fairness, we're not the only ones who found it. But, we're the only ones who've built a whole ecosystem to make it easy for you.

We're convenient, confidential, and cheap.

the generic viagra patent loophole

Only $15 Bones!

So here’s the climax to the story:

10 doses of 50mg Viagra (100% sildenafil) from Walgreens will cost you $780.

10 doses of 50mg generic Revatio (100% sildenafil) from AMERICA will only cost you $150.

We save you $630 bucks.

Plus, we include a prescription from our doctors. And you get up to 5 refills. Oh, and you get free shipping from our family-owned pharmacies, too.

Yes, we make it really easy to get hard.

only $15 bones

The Catch

Yes, this sounds too good to be true.

So what’s the catch?

If our doctor writes you a prescription for ED, you'll have to take two and a half 20 mg generic Revatio sildenafil pills to equal one 50 mg Viagra sildenafil pill.

20+20+10 = 50

That's it! So if you can swallow more than 1 pill, you'll get the best bang for the buck.

the catch

Foreign Viagra

Wait, isn't there a way to get generic Viagra from a foreign country? Yes, technically you could get some from India, as Pfizer’s patent doesn’t apply there.

But, how will you know your order will even get shipped after your credit card is charged? And if it does ship, will your illegal package get seized at the border? And if you actually get it, will it be the real thing or fake? How will you know the difference? And if it is counterfeit, how will you know it doesn't contain harmful ingredients?

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of what’s in those fake drugs. But have you also heard the horror stories of fake DEA agents calling up customers and scamming them out of money to “make their illegal drug purchase go away”? And finally, you’re almost guaranteed to get spammed for almost everything under the sun when your personal information gets sold to all sorts of shady companies.

Yes, you can save 90% going the foreign drug route, but is it worth the risk?

Save 80% with us and be 100% safe!

foreign viagra

How To Order

  1. You complete the online health questionnaire and payment information.
  2. You receive an email and text to call our US doctor's medical assistant to confirm your answers to the online health questionnaire.
  3. Our doctor, which is licensed in your state, reviews your health questionnaire and the recording of your confirmation call.
  4. If necessary, our doctor will call you to have a further discussion.
  5. If our doctor decides you need the medication, your prescription is written and then electronically sent to one of our family-owned US pharmacies licensed in your state.
  6. Our pharmacy ships your US generic medication via USPS Priority Mail and emails your tracking number.
  7. You're ready to rise to the occasion!


Pharmaceuticals have side effects. Some of these side effects can be very harmful and even deadly. Thus, it’s a requirement that you’re truthful during the online health questionnaire, the confirmation call, and with our doctor.

There are 10 prescreen qualifications that must apply to you or you will not receive a prescription. If even just 1 of these 10 qualifications doesn't apply to you, we can't help you. We're sorry. Do not fill out the health questionnaire. Do not waste your time.

Instead, please visit your primary care physician. It's not worth risking your health for an erection. Before you start your doctor consultation, you must pass all 10 prescreen qualifications and agree to our terms of use.

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